Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Scribble donated by: Kevin


  1. Interesting how Kevin scribz turn into comicbooky things - I must be imbuing them with my innate geekiness.

    The finished scribbles are sweet, tho!

    Ya know, the whole rollover thing actually prevents you from right clicking and saving the finished scrib - a built in copy protection!
    (but it prevents me from turning a scribble into my desktop wallpaper...)

  2. yes, that is a nice, unintended benefit.

    there is always "Print Screen", though. (does Mac have "Print Screen"?) The resolution will be the same, because these are all low-res GIFs.

  3. Mac does have a pretty nifty screen capture, if ya know how ta do it. Command shift 4 - and you can select what part of the screen to cap.

  4. Whoop - if you click in just the right spot, slightly away from the pic, you can select it. (Don't tell anybody!)